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Based on works and experiments in the field of sound wave diffusion and the positive aspects that result from the presence of diffusers in rooms, we have built these acoustic diffuser.
Therefore, we are presenting new design proposals that are less common in diffusion structures designed for mobile use. These models are an easy-to-install por table acoustic diffusion shells meant to be used in certain types of musical concerts.
It is a piece that changes the room’s acoustics by enhancing its features.
Diffusion shells are acoustic treatment elements used in large volume rooms, such as theatres and auditoriums. They may also be used outdoors for the performance of concerts by large orchestras or just recitals.
The installation of these acoustic diffusion components is meant to project the non-amplified original sound from the stage towards the audience. This will enable to hear the sound that comes directly from the sound sources and instruments, without the characterization or colouring inherent to the use of electroacoustics.
These shells also enable the stage and the room to be within the same space and not separate in two by the mouth of the stage. These pieces do not need any preparation prior to their installation, just a free stage with good access.
They must be coupled and multiplied in such a way that is adequate to each project in order to obtain a diffusing area that is proportionate to the space in question.


Two diffusion effects: by scattering in a wide radius or by compression in a narrower radius.
Manufactured with recycled HIPS.
Average diffusion: 0.61/m2 [>500Hz;<5KHz] NRC: 0.28/m2 [>250Hz;<10KHz]
Fire-resistance: V0 – UL standards (similar to M2)
100% recyclable
Installation: accessories included
Depending on the space available on the stage, more or less elements may be used in order to form the shape of a perfect shell.
Built on a modular configuration with 120x120cm pieces, up to four modules can be coupled in height, thus totalling a diffusing homogeneous surface of 120 x 360 cm.
All AS3 models have 125 x 380 cm (49.2″ x 149.6″).
These models are a large-sized diffusers that provides a very homogeneous diffusion within the sound and diffuse spectrum

Two diffusion effects: by scattering in a wide radius or by compression in a narrower radius.
To adjust the diffusing properties of these models to the room where this product is applied, the placement of the pieces must be taken into account in order to obtain its best performance, bearing in mind these two types of diffusion:

It emphasizes the sound diffusion with a smaller covering angle, effective at a longer incidence distance.
Features: efficient at a longer distance; smaller incidence angle; higher sound level.

It emphasizes the sound diffusion at a wider covering angle, effective at a shorter incidence distance.
Features: efficient at a shorter distance; less sound level; wider incidence angle

Product Information

  • EAN: 5600924054704
  • Reference: CFXAS3
  • Color: Black
  • Finishing: Gloss
  • Material: HIPS
  • Material Info: Finishing Black Gloss
  • Country of Origin: Portugal
  • Model Variant: CompactFuser AS3 HIPS Gloss

Model & Sizes

Size Width Height Length
Metric Size 3800 cm 1200 cm 780 cm
US Size 149,61 in 47,24 in 30,71 in
Metric Weight 143,00 kg
US Weight 315,2607 lbs

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